Mindfulness, Authentic Communication, and Parenting: A Conversation with George Taylor

July 13, 2017

Join Michelle Gale and George Taylor as they explore the parent child relationship through the lens of mindfulness and authentic communication.

George Taylor has taught the Ten Practices to thousands of couples in his twenty-five year career as a Marriage and Family Therapist. He has had a long interest in create more love and awareness in relationships, including his own.

You can learn more about George and his book A Path for Couples here.


Sibling Struggles, Stressors, and Solutions: A Conversation with Cecilia & Jason Hilkey from Happily Family

July 6, 2017

Join Michelle as she explores the ups and downs of sibling relationships with Cecilia and Jason Hilkey.  

Cecilia Hilkey, MA and Jason Hilkey have worked professionally with children and families for 20 years. They’ve taught parents and educators to use compassionate methods to talk to kids, worked with children with special needs, and even taught together in the same preschool classroom.

They founded Happily Family to respond to the needs of parents and teachers who wanted access to current research about the brain, and more communication tools to use with the kids in their lives. Their popular blog, classes and conferences touch the lives of tens of thousands of people each week.



Bringing Mindfulness Home: A Conversation with Ali Smith from the Holistic Life Foundation

June 29, 2017

Ali Smith co-founded the Holistic Life Foundation in 2001, where he currently serves as Executive Director.  He has over 15 years of experience teaching yoga and mindfulness to diverse populations. Through his work at the Holistic Life Foundation he has helped develop and pilot yoga and mindfulness programs at public and private schools, drug treatment centers, juvenile detention centers, mental crisis facilities, and retreat centers, nationally and internationally.  Ali has authored a series of children’s books, and co-authored several yoga and mindfulness based curriculum’s, as well as developed numerous workshops and training’s.  His work with the Holistic Life Foundation has been featured on Making a Difference on the NBC Nightly News as well as Mindful Magazine, Yoga Journal, and many other publications.

You can learn more about Ali and the Holistic Life Foundation here.


The Masks We Live In: A Conversation with Ashanti Branch

June 22, 2017

Ashanti Branch is the Founder and Executive Director of the Ever Forward Club, a nonprofit committed to supporting young men of color in middle and high school by providing them with save, brave communities that build character and transform lives.  

The Ever Forward Club’s work was featured in the documentary titled ‘The Masks We Live In” which follows boys and young men as they struggle to stay true to themselves while negotiating America’s narrow definition of masculinity.

Ashanti is a sought after speaker and leads workshops for all youth of all ages and from a broad range of communities. He is on a mission to change the way that students interact with their education and the way schools interact with students.

You can learn more about Ashanti’s work here.


Happily Family Online Parenting Conference: Michelle’s Interview

June 15, 2017

We all know that mindfulness in parenting is important, but in this interview Michelle shares strategies that even the busiest, most distracted parent can use to put mindfulness into place in their family. She talks about how to be mindful even when your child is having a tantrum or a melt down, or when we are triggered. She also shares candidly about the importance of having compassion and gentleness for ourselves, and that kids don’t need “perfect parents”.


You can find a video of her podcast here and learn more about Happily Family here.



Loving Kindness for Parents: A Conversation with Sharon Salzberg

June 8, 2017

Join Michelle as she explores the practice of Loving Kindness through the principles of Sharon’s new book Real Love, The Art of Mindful Connection.  Sharon is the founder of the Insight Meditation Society, the author of ten books and a sought after speaker who travels the world teaching mindfulness, loving-kindness, and compassion.




Peaceful Parenting: A Conversation with Eric Green

June 1, 2017

Eric is a dad who has developed a passion for advocating that children be treated with respect and dignity. He manages a Facebook page with almost 30k followers and offers a wonderful online Facebook community where parents can come together, get support, and share their journey’s with peaceful parenting.

You can find Eric on his website here and on Facebook here.

Self Care for the Soul: A Conversation with Suzi Lula

May 25, 2017

Suzi Lula, M.A., A.L.S.P., is a much-sought-after Spiritual Counselor, Teacher and Inspirational Speaker who is an expert in the field of human transformation.

Combining her innovative teachings over her 18 years in private practice, along with her master's degree training in spiritual psychology, Suzi is transforming the way people think about motherhood. Known as a visionary leader, Suzi challenges conventional thinking that says mothers must sacrifice and martyr themselves to be good mothers and instead, guides them to the realization that when they thrive, their children will flourish as well. Thus, Suzi is redefining Motherhood as an Evolutionary Path, Limitless in its possibilities to change the very nature of our mothering experience and therefore raise an entire generation of happy, thriving individuals.

Tune in as Michelle interviews Suzi around the principles in her latest book “The Motherhood Evolution, How Thriving Mothers Raise Thriving Children” 

You can find Suzi on her website here and on Facebook here


What Does the Jewish Practice of Mussar and Mindful Parenting have in Common?: A Conversation with Greg Marcus

May 18, 2017

Join Michelle as she explores the 1000 year old Jewish Practice of Mussar with Greg Marcus. Along the way they offer practical tips and wisdom to allow you to incorporate the learnings right away.

Greg Marcus is an innovative Mussar maven and the creator of American Mussar, a 21st century Jewish spiritual practice for an authentic and meaningful life. He is a recovering workaholic, who has been practicing and teaching Mussar for five years. Greg offers guidance on how to lead a life of mindful harmony and spiritual integrity, drawing upon Jewish teachings and contemporary wisdom alike. He has a Ph.D. from MIT, and worked for ten years as a marketer in Silicon Valley.

His latest book, The Spiritual Practice of Good Actions: Finding Balance Through the Soul Traits of Mussar has been praised by Rabbis, secular jews, and many non-jews for it’s inclusive and empowering introduction to this ancient wisdom.

Today Greg is a writer, speaker, workshop facilitator, and stay-at-home dad to two teenage daughters. He created the Mussar Parenting to help him cope.

You learn more about Greg and take his Soul Trait Profile Quiz at http://americanmussar.com/


Confessions of a Mindful Parent

May 11, 2017

Listen in to this short but sweet confession Michelle has to share...